Unfinished business as usual…


How do people do it? Stay organized. Check off items from their to-do-lists. Create, keep house running, exercise, have a social life? 

So I still haven’t painted my workspace. That was to be my Mother’s Day present from my oldest daughter. We were going to paint it up really cute way back the Friday BEFORE Mother’s Day! Instead, I ended up babysitting my friend’s kids for 5 days. My daughter works full-time and when the heck are we going to paint this baby?

Piles of ideas, beads, fabric and messes abound as I wait to paint, but I have made a bit more headway on my new collection. Last night I stayed up late (that’s nothing new) and made 2 new bracelets and 3 pairs of earrings. Here are  a few pictures! ImageImage

Bravo boho!


Bravo boho!

Here is the start of my new line; the beadsoul boho collection! There is more to come, but I have to find that precarious balance between creating new things, filling orders and for goodness sake, keeping this house from falling down around my ears!

So far, all that is available in my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/102278975/bravo-boho-earrings-copper-discs-vintage is the pictured bracelet and earrings. I have about 40 pounds of fabric, chain and beads to turn into more fun boho finds, so stay tuned!