Herding ideas


Did you ever have too many ideas floating around in your head? Get mad at yourself when those ideas don’t pan out, or worse, fall by the wayside?  I suffer from that quite often; now is especially bad since things are getting busier around here. I should be more organized, have a daily schedule, make lists, etc. It is amazing how I can get so worked up about things. I am thinking I need a new policy; when the “talk” starts, take a nap, a walk, a 10-minute stretching break, anything but the emotional beating I tend to give myself.

ImageLet’s see, when I have a new idea for a pair of earrings that has been in my head since July, what should I do? Old me, get annoyed at myself for not sitting there at the workbench until something happens- new me, take the pup for a walk and see if an even better idea comes from a clear head 🙂 I feel better already; blog talk therapy!