Fun with corks!


You can make these babies in no time and here’s the proof!

It all started innocently enough; I entered a giveaway from The Wooden Bee a bit ago. I won, lucky me! I purchased a sweet upcycled bulletin board kit from her amazing Etsy shop with the gift certificate I won. I got hooked, sucked in, and now, I am creating thumbtacks with the cool corks I received from her too! I stamped a birdy on there on a whim and am happy with the result.


Take a look at the cool bulletin board I made with a lot of help from Bee! I did glue the corks in there, but she did the rest 🙂 I am happy that I made a couple of thumbtacks to go with; they look way better than generic plastic ones! 


Check out Bee’s cool, sustainable crafts, decor and supplies. Her blog is pretty fun and has great tutorials like the wine cork thumbtacks too! 

Memo Board

Yup, I glued those babies into the frame; I am one crafty diva!

One thought on “Fun with corks!

  1. Turned out awesome! Love the stamp idea. I will have to experiment with sealing the ink onto the cork. I have a few bee stamps that would look adorable on the ends. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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