A teeny part of something special


I am so happy and excited to show off the teeny part of my contribution to an extraordinary anniversary gift. Amazing artisan woodworker, Robert Casanova of Casanova Home, asked for a custom plate to add to this gorgeous bench; he made it for his wonderful wife as an anniversary gift. 


Handcrafted wood bench made by Robert Casanova














Needless to say, my contribution was quite minimal, but I was very excited to add this small touch to a wonderful gift and keepsake. Here is another shot of the bench. 


Bench created by Robert Casanova, woodworking artisan.












A lovely thing about Casanova Home, is the use of upcycled materials. This makes each piece unique and sustainable too. Now you know where to look for a special, one-of-a-kind piece that will be certain to start a conversation. 

Wood  bench

Wood bench from Casanova Home https://www.etsy.com/shop/CasanovaHome

Here is a bench you can own for yourself; this one is made from salvaged wood from an industrial building demolition. Follow Casanova Home on Facebook to see what great finds Robert will turn into fabulous furniture and accessories.



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