A challenging challenge


I am still making items each day with my self-imposed creativity challenge; the last week has been super-difficult though. I have had an upswing in the amount of orders, which is wonderful, of course, and my hubby and I have been taking care of 4 kiddos ages 10 and under. Needless to say, I am excessively busy, but told myself I had no excuse 😉


I had fun making ear cuffs on two consecutive nights- copper on the 23rd and sterling silver on the 24th.


I etched these plates/pendants on the 25th- I am figuring the heart piece can be made into a bracelet; who knows what I will do with the owl?


This leather necklace was fun- I made it on the 22nd.


I finished these rings moments ago; I started work very late as usual and didn’t want to break my hammering curfew 🙂

Just a few more days of July are left; I am glad I pushed myself a bit and had fun digging through my hoard of supplies too!

Not giving up!


July is flying by and I am really getting into the habit of trying new things. I wasn’t sure what would happen, truthfully, and I am glad that I haven’t wimped out and have made one if not more new pieces each day this month!


I soldered these earrings on Tuesday and had fun making this ring on Monday.


Wednesday brought these ear wires: I made some soldered discs to hang from them, but I don’t like them. I will head back to the drawing board tomorrow.


Today I had fun with a necklace- I haven’t done too many in leather. I see more in my future!


More and more challenge pieces



I finally found a bit of time to make something I have wanted to for a really long while- yesterday I made two challenge pieces; soldered earrings! I am not certain why I had not made some. I solder the tie tacks all the time!


I did these in sterling silver with sterling posts and ear nuts- one set is just hammered and oxidized and the other is stamped with x and o!


I made this bracelet yesterday too- it was to show another example of the leather bracelet I am giving away on my Facebook page

I am off to the workbench to create my piece for today- I know it will be a quickie as I hope to watch a movie with my hubby in a bit!

Still plugging away!



I have been able to make an item, sometimes more, each day this month! It has been difficult some days and exciting on others… Many times I am restricted by the “hammering curfew” in my house, which will make me change direction 🙂


I think the best thing I have noted with this is that I am having fun with some materials I had purchased and not gotten around to playing with yet. I have so many things to experiment with- if only I didn’t need to sleep!


The Challenge Continues



Here is my item for July 5th- a copper hand stamped and riveted ring. I hand forged nailhead rivets, cut the ring band and used a scrap of silver for the riveted plate. The ring was stamped with all you need is love and two hearts and the silver plate was stamped with love. I have been wanting to make a ring in copper and finally forced myself to do it!


July Challenge Update


So I wanted to let you all know that I am still plodding away with the challenge I made to myself; to create a new piece each day this month.

I am having fun and decided to get out my soldering iron today. I am not certain if I had picked it up last in December or if it has been even longer, but I am glad I did!
Here is my offering for July 3rd-


I made four pendants in all and hope to utilize those in other pieces soon!


I am happy to report that my fellow jewelry artisan and follower, FatDogBeads has taken up the challenge! I hope to hear from others that have decided to push their creative limits and also get their shops ready for the big Christmas gifting push!

A Fun Challenge




I was thinking last week about how much fun I had coming up with new pieces. Sometimes I do not have the time to create new things- it usually is around major gifting holidays and I am just keeping up with filling orders. While each commission has its own challenges, there is something so exciting about coming up with an idea from scratch. Since the next big occasion is really Christmas, I decided to challenge myself this month. My goal is to create a new piece each day- gulp! I did this a couple of years ago and it really helped to jump start my business.

Most Etsyians know that the more items you have in your shop, the better, as you will have more chances for the search engines to find you. It did make a big difference when I went up to 50 items, then 100; I have 235 in the shop now- woo hoo!

What about you? Care to join me in this challenge? My first item is pictured; this wrap bracelet is my first in copper. Look for more pieces and let me know if you decide to take the plunge with me 😉