A Fun Challenge




I was thinking last week about how much fun I had coming up with new pieces. Sometimes I do not have the time to create new things- it usually is around major gifting holidays and I am just keeping up with filling orders. While each commission has its own challenges, there is something so exciting about coming up with an idea from scratch. Since the next big occasion is really Christmas, I decided to challenge myself this month. My goal is to create a new piece each day- gulp! I did this a couple of years ago and it really helped to jump start my business.

Most Etsyians know that the more items you have in your shop, the better, as you will have more chances for the search engines to find you. It did make a big difference when I went up to 50 items, then 100; I have 235 in the shop now- woo hoo!

What about you? Care to join me in this challenge? My first item is pictured; this wrap bracelet is my first in copper. Look for more pieces and let me know if you decide to take the plunge with me 😉

4 thoughts on “A Fun Challenge

  1. That is a great idea! Sometimes I spend too much time “pondering” and not “producing”. Forcing myself to make something new each day would certainly get the juices flowing. Thanks for sharing!

    • I agree! I am amazed what a deadline can produce; it might be different if it wasn’t just for fun and creativity, but I find that just “having” to make something gets me to do it 🙂 Thanks for your kind comments, Evelyn!

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