A challenging challenge


I am still making items each day with my self-imposed creativity challenge; the last week has been super-difficult though. I have had an upswing in the amount of orders, which is wonderful, of course, and my hubby and I have been taking care of 4 kiddos ages 10 and under. Needless to say, I am excessively busy, but told myself I had no excuse 😉


I had fun making ear cuffs on two consecutive nights- copper on the 23rd and sterling silver on the 24th.


I etched these plates/pendants on the 25th- I am figuring the heart piece can be made into a bracelet; who knows what I will do with the owl?


This leather necklace was fun- I made it on the 22nd.


I finished these rings moments ago; I started work very late as usual and didn’t want to break my hammering curfew 🙂

Just a few more days of July are left; I am glad I pushed myself a bit and had fun digging through my hoard of supplies too!

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