A Month’s Worth of Items: What I Learned


Here are all of the challenge pieces I made for the month of July, minus a couple that sold.










So I was pretty pleased that I was able to make one or more items each day in July. This didn’t include orders made for customers; it was simply to provide a creative boost and to ramp up my shop for the busy selling season that will be here before too long.

I learned a few things about myself and about being creative in general by doing this.

It is not that hard to be creative when there is a deadline; others may disagree, but with a public promise made, I really did make something. It didn’t have to be mind blowing, or totally new, just make something, darnit!


I made 4 resin pendants on July 30th. I have missed playing around in this medium











I didn’t set any limits on myself, such as the piece had to be finished and ready to list, I just wanted to create a component, a whole item, it didn’t matter. It also didn’t matter if I had made one of those before; see lesson one, just make something darnit!


This bracelet was made with the feeling I had at that time; elation and a bit of pride that I made it through the challenge! It was the last day and I had no time to work at all, but did it anyway 🙂















I also learned that I work well under pressure, in this case, anyway. The just make something, darnit, really applied here. There was no question that I would do this, just what will I make. Many times I had laid all the components out for a project in my mind and ended up scrapping it. It was too late in the evening to hammer a few times, I couldn’t come up with the final project with my existing items, etc. There weren’t any mistakes in this; its just part of the creative process. Here is a bracelet made due to hammering curfew restrictions. I wanted to use one of these wood bangle blanks for some time. I am not sure what I bought them for either!


I hope to get the items I made finished into a real piece or listed soon. Most are in a shoebox waiting to be finished/photographed. It was a fun thing to do and I will try to challenge myself again soon. I just purchased items to try torch enameling and know that will be a lot of fun- woo hoo!